Wednesday, June 24, 2009

It's a first...

Well, here's my first post on my first personal blog!

It all started when I joined the local, non-commercial, community supported radio station in my town (Guerneville, CA). When the station started a blog, well, being the curious sort of person that I am, I wanted to try my own... Big surprise there, huh. Some might say stubbornly incorrigible even. So, here's a place to keep in touch with friends and family, share what's new with me, where I've been and what I'm playing with now... Since I'm usually playing with some new toy or craft.

So, I'm a radio personality now. I host the Monday Morning Show from 7 to 9 am on KGGV-LP "The Bridge" 95.1 in Guerneville, CA. The "LP" stands for Low Power (a specific designation from the FCC) and means that we have a broadcasting radius of about 3 miles, if there were no hills. Well, this is California and we have hills. Which means, it all depends on where you happen to be. My show is mostly music: jazz, blues, bluegrass, standards, folk, and a smattering of whatever I happen to feel like that moment. Then there's the news: I only read what I want to read, so I leave out the gruesome and generally unpleasant stuff in seach of humorous, intellectually stimulating and culturally profound (like the very exciting article about SPAM rebranding itself as a tasty and economically relevant meal), always including the weather and local conditions. Then there's poetry and green living tips. I think the week should start with a bit of poetry and everyone could use ideas for better living, so I share some from a variety of sources.

I'm also the Fundraising Coordinator for KGGV. We just held the 4th Annual Strawberry Festival on Saturday, June 20th... It was fantastic! The day was perfect: weather, music, food, cheer, and donations! What more could I ask for in a fundraising event?!?!

My permenant garden is happy and growing as usual... I need to water a bit more with the current heat, but everything is happy and lush. I've started a garden below the house, in the somewhat terraced area facing Hulbert Creek. It's mostly for veggies since it sees more sun than any other spot on the property! But, I have mixed in some lovely flowering and ornamental plants too. This year all my seeds came from a new local company in Monte Rio: The Sustainable Seed Company. I also lease a chicken from them!!! It's so cool! Every other week I pick up a dozen eggs, and they are so tasty! As usual, almost everything else in my garden comes from End of the Rainbow on River Road... I can walk there for light-weight trips or make a very short drive for heavier items.

Eric and I celebrate our 3rd wedding anniversary on June 24th, so you can bet we'll enjoy a bottle of our favorite wine (served at the wedding, if I could only remember the name - I know it by sight, a bubbling muscat). And I think there may be a round of mini golf in the planning... We'll see!

Well, that may be quite enough for a first post... But I have plenty to do as I build my blog! Photos are next, as I can't wait to share photos from our vacation in New Orleans (March 2009) and some from the wedding and everything in between! Come back soon to see what I've gotten done!

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